The Onset of a War!

The world might come down to another interlude of a battle. We are not talking about coarse assumptions and unreasonable possibilities. We are talking about attacks, nuclear power, intimidation, massive killings, devastation and an immeasurable pain. We are talking about the impending war between Iran and Israel which could procreate a new ‘Hiroshima and Nagasaki’. This war has the potential to slay millions of people and tear down entire cities and towns. This war might change the way you and I look at the world.


Aftermath of the Hiroshima Bombing (Source: R7 Noticias)

Let me tell you the story of Iran, Israel and their severed connection in a simple way. The two countries have not always abhorred each other; in fact Israel supported Iran in their war with Iraq in the 1980s. The two nations upheld close ties and a bond of camaraderie for many years. Nonetheless, things changed in the last decade due to the rise of fundamentalist leaders and the combat to ascent to power in the Middle East. Iran backs Palestine which is constantly on war with Israel. In a number of conflicts, Iran offered ammunition, training, finance and other significant means of aid to Hamas and Hezbollah (Organizations committed to the destruction of Israel). Furthermore, the United States is on Israel’s side because they deem Iran to be a propagator of violence and bloodshed.

Iran has several nuclear plants where its nuclear program is evolving and they claim to utilize the armaments for peace purposes. Israel is totally in opposition to Iran’s nuclear activities and hence in the last few years they have evidently murdered some of the best Iranian scientists involved in this nuclear program. Accordingly, the gist of the story says that Israel has time and again threatened Iran to discontinue its nuclear activities lest it will propagate a massive attack on the country. Iran considers Israel as a cancerous tumour that needs to be eradicated from the world and they assent to fight back all these caveats.

I agree that the conflicts have been going on for many years now, then why are people anticipating a nuclear war before long? Quite a few reports emphasize that Israel intelligence is convinced that Iran will perhaps have a nuclear device and a nuclear bomb within a year and the Israelis do not wish to linger on to take a severe step and thwart Iran’s operations. They want the U.S. and other world powers to take crucial measures to force Iran to dump its nuclear plans and shut down its enrichment facilities. Israel is keen on declaring a war if the US doesn’t instigate to act on the issue.

The whole idea may appear infeasible but researchers, journalists, reporters and some revolutionary leaders believe that the countries can enter the war-zone by the end of this year. While reading extensively about this subject, I came up with a number of questions with conflicting answers but most of the reports readily claim the possession of nuclear weapons with Israel as well which they haven’t exploited for any destructive motive yet. Then why is the country so perturbed about Iran’s nuclear program? There are various reasons for the same; the chief one being the several announcements made by Iranian chiefs to wipe Israel off from the map of the world. Moreover, as I already pointed out, Iran’s support to militant groups that aim for Israel’s demolition has made the situation all the more complex. The leaders of Israel including its Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, do not wish to overlook Iran’s threats and therefore at some fundamental level, they are edgy about the Iranian developments. There is an extreme possibility that Israel might strike Iran’s nuclear facilities and use the best of their equipment and trained military to safeguard their country.


Pronline News

The infinite reasons, claims, warnings and simulations of a supposed war cannot be taken for granted and trust me: This battle is going to influence every country in some way or the other. In a descriptive article published by MotherJones, the writer alleges that a strike on Tehran could kill an estimated 5.6 million and injure 1.6 million people. The attacks would be 16 times more vigorous than what happened in Hiroshima. History could be repeated with an added brutality and immense soreness. If this war ever ensues, it’s going to be the new generation nuclear war which will certainly develop into a perilous and ghastly event. Also, it will realistically hinder the other nations as the price of gasoline would shoot the sky. The trade markets would flutter. The world would suffer its worst loss after 9/11.

None of us knows the mindset of the leaders of these two nations. We cannot discern when and whether they will initiate a war. We can’t say why they desire to resort to a decision which can slaughter half or more of their population; a step which in all probabilities can kill them and their families. I don’t entitle this as patriotism or the strength to stand up for a nation. I call this cowardice and the spirit to stoop down to an awful degree merely to annihilate another nation. I pray for harmony in both the countries even though many of their citizens have already begun preparing themselves for the adverse circumstances that the war may bring about. I sincerely expect humanity to overwhelm religion and rivalry so that the millions of lives that can go astray are rather bestowed with contentment and love.


Israel loves Iran Campaign

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