Just to say a ‘Hi’

I have become a little inconsistent with writing. I have been pondering over good subjects to write on but nothing has fascinated me a great deal in the recent past. Today, I sat down to mull over the basis of the same. I christened my blog arbitrarily one day and I called it : ‘Read Stuff With Me’. Fundamentally, this space had to be that part where I would let people ‘read’ and ‘know’ things; where it would be about the information, the ideas and words that I read; where it would be about sharing and imparting knowledge. So, what have I been reading all this time? I read about Nelson Mandela one day, scratching the depths of his life and I decided to write about him. The flame died down before long because I had already written about Apartheid some time back. I chose to let it go.

Then, I made up my mind to write about the election results of some areas of India that came out last week particularly concerning the surprising and yet well-merited victory of Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) which emphasizes on righteousness and integrity. I wanted to write about this party, their history, their image and their chief Kejriwal himself. Still, I don’t quite know why I let this one go too. I thought I’d wait. To reflect on this explanation, I might even shamelessly claim that I am lethargic, that the very idea of doing hours of in-depth research wears me out. I won’t describe this phase as that thing associated with Writers’ Block. I do write time and again for a food blog, an NGO’s website and stuff about Health and Wellness. There are a number of more assignments in progress. But, none of this should have the capability of distancing me from this place. This is where I belong. This is what I am. This is what I believe in. This is what I own.



It was my 25th birthday on December 8. I thought I’d write down about it too. Conversely, I recognized that may be it wasn’t as vital a day to be considered. Birthdays come and go. What matters is what they bring to us each year? An extra smile, an extra dream, some ripeness, some strength, some goodness, compassion, love or nothing at all. Do I feel more independent and grown after that one day? No. Not at all. Do I feel more contented or more miserable? (Wait, does this even depend on the day you were born?) So, I chucked this stimulation too.

as a consequence, eventually when I weigh up on what I have been reading the last few days, I think about a report on Education in Kashmir or some random news story or emails and yet most notably this book called – ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. I began reading this narrative out of monotony one day and I believed I’d abandon it midway because may be this wasn’t my sort of a book. On the contrary, this book did churn out a story that bore a resemblance with me as a person, with my ideals, trepidation, desires and depth. I am not doing a book review here, but this woman’s expedition in Italy, India and Bali for the stretch of one whole year on that mission to find herself did enliven me and my senses. Okay, I accept I won’t run off for a year and take a trip all by myself (even though that might be something pretty rejuvenating except that I don’t have the funds or the freedom). I took profound gratification in reading her account, her experiences, her utter apprehension, depression and melancholy; those words that resonated with me and my spirit and how she grew out of it and learnt to acknowledge the person she was. At some fractions, I got bored; especially when the book dealt with meditation and Ashrams but I had to go on because it just led me through it. For me, this book is not a Harry Potter or Anne Frank’s diary or Harper Lee’s –To Kill a Mocking Bird and yet it somewhat works on me like these other tomes because it’s so fulfilling and real. ‘Real’ is the word.

I’d bring this post to a close now. I wrote this to remind you of myself and to tell you that I miss this space too (The people at my office blocked WordPress and that’s one huge reason that I don’t post or read too much. Sad!) Nevertheless, I’ll be back; in a little while (:

P.S: If you have any good themes or topics or you would like to recommend me some excellent books to read, please do that. I am keen on getting some suggestions.

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