My Travel Diaries: Part 1

There’s a secreted beauty in the world that lies outside our domain. It lets us enter into it, cross our threshold and touch our spirits, energize our subsistence and build memories that become the most striking parts of our life and then there comes a day when we don’t really know which of these parts holds more splendor. Traveling does that to your existence. All the time. It did that to me as well: helped me visualize a better portion of who I was and who I am (along with bits and pieces of the idea of who I can be).

When I undertook this journey, I christened it My Voyage. It meant so much to me. It was like that one thing I had to do to let myself know that I can survive against all odds and find my happiness. Happiness is subjective but it never can be materialistic. It comes from within. What brought along contentment for me were the endless stories I built up with people I met on my course. When I look back, it reminds me of the Russian I met on the airplane who was terrified of India because he couldn’t stand the mosquitoes and filth the one time he came here or the Australian I met in Bali who I talked to about so many things:ideas and relationships. I can think of the American healer who took me to her house to find the phone no. of a restaurant that could deliver food at an odd hour or the driver who told me incredible tales about Bali in weird English and who got lucky enough to meet an Indian girl who broke out the huge revelation to him that Bollywood stars Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan were Muslims. (Oh yes I did that (: ).

My Travel Diaries is just that division of my blog that would grasp stories of traveling, of the food, the places, the good and the bad. In this first post of this series, I will give you an outline of the journey I undertook. It started off with Singapore, moved on to Kualalumpur (Malaysia), then to Bali (Indonesia) and then to a beautiful place in a secluded part of Tioman Island (Malaysia). I know that doesn’t really fit in our definition of ‘lots of travel’ but wonderful tales come along with every day of exploration when you’re in a place you don’t literally belong to. And yet, I belonged there, in that state, in that charm of wandering about the places I had read of, doing things I had dreamt of, weaving interesting stories of meeting people from hundreds of corners of the world and somehow being a small part of their travel diaries too.

Stay tuned for more. I’ll come more often now!

Till then have a look at some amazing pictures. Don’t you want to break lose?


Tioman Island


Black Pepper Fish


Ubud Rice Fields


Song of the Sea: Sentosa, Singapore

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