My Travel Diaries: Kuala Lumpur!

What I miss the most when I think of Kuala Lumpur are the hours spent in the tranquil and pretty café: Oldtown White Coffee – along the lanes of Bukit Bintang on a warm Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t the best coffee shop I had been to, nor the most crowded or fashionable. It had some sort of a fascination and quietude about it which brought a few smiles on my face as I wondered on the next thing I wished to do while I was in the happening capital of Malaysia.

Kualalumpur isn’t one of the most hygienic or contemporary cities you’d see; it might well be a little contradictory to your notions of a standard and incredible foreign capital and yet it doesn’t disappoint you. It still holds that charm that’s enough to lay an impact on the journey you’re on and what you crave for it to be. So, if someday you decide to wander off this place or reach party-hopping on a Saturday into this exuberant city, slow down and consider the listing that’s just coming up. I don’t claim this to be all that you really must do while you’re out there because no one can sum up a city in a few bullet points. There’s more to it, every day, every moment. And yet, for now, inhale these ideas and set off!

  1. Genting Highlands: Genting is not exactly a part of KL but it isn’t too far either. It’s one place I highly recommend owing to its astounding setting, more than 5000 ft above the sea level, where the chilly nights, a startling shopping fiesta, brilliant live performances, a grand casino, an indoor and outdoor theme park and a few days slightly ‘close’ to the clouds will add to your ordinary Malaysian experience. Take me seriously; stay over for a night in this world away from a world (And please take the Genting Skyway)
  2. Petronas Twin Towers: KL is practically deficient without these two gigantic towers that lie in the centre of the city and catch your eye time and again. Look at them: top to bottom to top, click pictures, go inside and witness a huge array of shopping delights and restaurants and behold their magnificence again.
  3. Bukit Bintang: I’d rather advise you to stay in this area. It’s a wonderful locality where the usual nights bring along a whole lot of foreigners, munching local delights or their favorite sea food on one of the many street restaurants along with their occasional bottles of beer. Just walk around, spend hours in the cafes or pubs or restaurants or shopping centers. The night doesn’t get over. It really doesn’t (particularly on Saturdays).
  4. Revel in the nightlife: When you speak to people about KL, you’d often hear them saying that it has an astonishing night-culture and I say I assent to this view. We went to the Rootz Rooftop Club at Lot 10 and were bowled over by the ambience and the music. You bring back those beats and I can start dancing right here. I wanted to try the renowned Jazz Club- ‘No Black Tie’ but couldn’t do it because of the lack of time. May be some other day!
  5. Batu Caves: I’d be honest when I say that I didn’t spend enough time here. I visited this place a year back with my family. It has an enormous cave temple which has immense religious significance. It actually is a great place for those who have a fondness for caves and temples and geography and yes, little bits of history.
  6. Menara Kuala Lumpur/KL Tower: This massive structure is also situated in the heart of the city and every-time you see it, you’d keep wondering: ‘What is in there?’ (We were in awe as well). It is a 421m tall broadcasting and telecommunications tower which is one of the highest in the world. If you get the time, you should in fact go to the revolving restaurant or its observation deck to get the best views of the city.
  7. China town (Petaling Street/Central Market): Your outing to KL can’t be complete without visiting the China Town especially Petaling Street and the nearby Central Market as you set some time apart for street shopping (and eating). This isn’t as magnificent as the China Town in Singapore but it’s definitely cheaper and worth your time. You can also pay a visit to the Thean Hou Temple while you’re in this vicinity.
  8. Other Tourist Attractions: If there’s more you’d like to do, you can drop in on the Islamic Arts Museum, the Kualalumpur City Gallery or the chocolate factory. My visit to these places also turned out to be relatively pleasant. I have also read a lot of times about the KL Bird Park and the Berjaya Times Square Theme Park and you definitely can go to these places if you’re with kids. They’re going to love it, I guess.

I suppose these would be enough to cover up your ideal 2-3 day tour to the KL city. If you have more time, do a lot of traveling around and let me know how it was like. Go ahead and build your memories! Also, wait for my next post in The Travel Diaries section. Ciao for now!

And here come the pictures:


Old Town White Coffee (:


Genting Highlands


Indoor Theme Park: Genting


Petronas Twin Towers


Rootz Rooftop Bar


China Town (KL)

Note: For Indians or Pakistanis who’re there, I’d like to suggest an excellent Pakistani eating place called the Eat More restaurant located on one of the streets of Jln Bukit Bintang (You’d spot it without a hitch). This place turned out to be our savior! It really did!

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