An Ode to Women!

And a Message to Men



Ever wondered why the word ‘beautiful’ is used to describe women all the time? You don’t call a man beautiful. Do you? And if you do, they get offended. Thus, if today you move around, meet your male friend and just truthfully mention: ‘You’re beautiful, dude!’ Tell me how would he react? Yes, not a great expression right? So, down the line, every man accepts he can’t be beautiful. That’s a woman’s thing: beauty, emotions, splendor, tenderness, tears, make-up, high heels, melodrama and expectations! Most of these words are associated with women. I have seen men discussing women at length; things like how they cry for silly reasons, soak pillows at night, take movies and books to their heart, want to forever go shopping, put in hordes of sentiments in the realism of life, anticipate too much, constantly want to hear that they look pretty, take hours to get ready, brag about having girl best-friends and then bitch about other women all the same. And yet, to think of it, these are the same women who smile when you sing them a song, get inspired by pretty little quotes, buy the best of gifts for you, bring you more in sync with your spirit, give you all of themselves, take little incomprehensible efforts to dress up, share the significant ‘nothings’ of life, cheer on your dreams and also, at all times, they are there to talk to you about the prudent, foolish, intellectual, expressive, lovely and hilarious facets of life. Men always have a complaint: ‘Women are too difficult.’ But, hey, ask your heart if you’d really like them as much if they were exactly like you.

I know it gets annoying for men to see how we women grasp misery so easily or get tears in our eyes for the most unusual reasons. For now, I’ll give you some more insight into this before you bother me with accusations and reasoning. Statistics say that women cry about four times more than men in a certain time span. Of course they do, except there’s a natural rationale behind the weeping: female hormones and their tear ducts. The hormones in a female’s body start developing after their puberty in a manner making them more susceptible to being emotional and depressed and having the constant mood-swings. Also, the tear ducts in a girl’s eye are much smaller than those for boys and hence even if both the sexes have a strong reaction to something, women’s tears quickly overwhelm the duct and spill out down their cheeks while the liquid stays put in the men’s ducts. You can’t disregard these facts. This is Science and this is how ‘women’ are made. (Just in the way male libido is stronger and more straight-forward than a female’s sexual drive) So, how do you feel when women say-‘All men want sex’? It essentially is identical to asking a girl- ‘Why do you cry so often?’

No matter how much you whine about the typical female, admit that you cannot have as much fun without them. Picture all of them wearing the same clothes as you, cutting their hair short, acting too realistic, knowing all about cricket and football, beating you down on sports and politics and swaying away from every trait of them that annoys you. Ah! Dear friend, then what would she need you for?

No, I am not a feminist; at least not at the moment. I just want to ring a bell and remind you that women complete your lives. Rather than being critical of them, their choices or interests and wishing that they’d change, doesn’t it make sense to appreciate them as they are? Think about it. The fairer sex allows you to embrace your emotions; offer you the best advice on sentiments, dreams and strength; give you more of those genuine smiles if not the horrendous laughter; take care of you like no one else would; make you feel special and more than ever they stand by you in whatever form you can think of: a mother, a sister, a wife, a girl friend, a soul mate, a daughter and forever a true friend.

Women are really strong internally, so they don’t need your extra toughness; what they need to know is that you value them, consider their feelings and love them entirely for who they are and not for who they can be. Give them what they “deserve” because trust me; if they love you, they certainly give you more than you’re worthy of.

Ah! So you’re there again sitting with the witty guys and discussing girls’ dumbness over glasses of beer? Okay, perhaps you’re endowed with a little extra mind; girls have more of ‘the heart’. They defeat you there, all the time. And probably that’s why, they’re beautiful!

Come on, Tell me what you think!

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