​Ten Things That Make Friendships Stronger!

With the advent of the ‘Friendship Day’, I think of all the wonderful moments that my friends have given me and how our connection has enhanced with time, certain events and some of those little things that matter. So, here I remind you of ‘Ten Things that somehow strengthen the bond of friendship.’ Also, just to let you know: This little post is dedicated to all my fantastic friends who mean the world to me!


  1. Maggi Noodles:

A foodie like me needed to mention this as one of the first things on the list because Maggie is like the staple food for friends and each time it adds on to the memories of get-togethers, those sudden pangs of hunger or days when ‘this’ has been our only savior. Tell me, don’t you share some special Maggie moments with your friends too?


  1. Messengers and Cell-phones:

These are like those god-gifted beauties that have truly helped reinforce friendships. Think of all the stupid and funny Whatsapp groups, the long conference calls and Skype conversations, Gtalk, Facebook and all that and you’d realize how these have given a boost to our intimacy. See, distances have gotten shorter. Lucky us!


  1. Birthdays:

I know this sounds cliché but birthdays since forever have kept friendships intact. I like to think of those 12 AM surprises (which isn’t a shocker anymore), the incredible birthday-bumps, smearing cake and cream and flour and turmeric and milk and Harpic (yes, even this) and hugging your darling pal. If you’re one of my friends, you’d totally resonate. Excitement, fun and love 🙂


  1. Sleepovers:

Spending the entire night with each other, doing crazy things, laughing for hours or just moving out on the roads or whatever. I don’t think I need to tell you how sleepovers and night-stays change friendships.


  1. Singing:

See, I had to put it here as a tribute to all the songs I have sung with my friends and how at times the music, the words and the feelings would define our closeness. You sing songs together, stupid ones, on the bike, in the car, while at home, on the roads, even on your phone conversations; just let your vocal chords go crass and sing and wow! That works!


And some of our Bollywood favorites: Tere jaisa yaar kahan, Chadhi mujhe yaari teri aisi and Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi 🙂

  1. Traveling:

So when you travel together, you are bound to add to the number of stories and tales that exist of your friendship. Spending hours with each other on the train, buses, ferries or planes and then exploring a new place with your old pals makes life all the more delightful. And trust me, nothing can be as much fun as this!


  1. Booze:

Think about it and tell me, is there anything better than this when it comes to the most fun-loving friendships ever? When you laugh and cry and yell and abuse at length and eventually doze off knowing that the people around love you for the shit you are.


  1. Long Conversations:

This might sound a little unexciting to the guys but even you can’t get away and prove that this isn’t necessary because it is. True friendships come about when you have people who understand you more than you know your own self. So, I guess those long midnight conversations with sips of coffee have a great deal to add to your life.


  1. Ah! Crisis!

Remember that time when you were stuck on the road the whole night with your friends since your car punctured? Or the time when you met with an accident and they came to your rescue? Or perhaps that one instance when you felt your life made no sense and these people punched you in the stomach and somehow just let you know what you meant to them. So, now you know crisis and Hey! Magically, you know friendship too (like I do).


10. Staying Alone:

Believe me on this, when you stay away from your family and share that space with friends, life changes, relationships change and these people become your mom, dad, brother, sister, friend and foe all at once. That’s the strength of this bond; you’d never know when you would have found a whole new FAMILY: the one you chose!



Lots of love and hugs!

Happy Friendship’s Day!

And people, if you have got anything to add to this list, please leave comments; it’ll be great to hear your friendship stories too 🙂

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