Remember When I Say This…

Remember when I say this.

Remember when I dream.

There’s a pleasant lane out there

Dark and rough it may seem.

But, you’ll come across your bliss

In those pretty little things

Just let go of the plight

Just open your wings.

Each of you must have already read those ’20 things to do before you’re 30’ lists or the long write-ups that talk about doing what you feel like and what you believe. So, perhaps I am not supposed to do that here again. But, what I want to tell you is to seize some time to slow down and embrace the beautiful fragments of life even though a major part of it might not convince of its goodness. The other day, I read a very beautiful quote by Bill Watterson. It said:

“If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently. ” 

Aren’t you wondering why specifically the ‘stars’? Probably because when we open up and look towards the sky at all the stars, the constellations, the moon and this striking manifestation of the universe, we’ll realize how tiny a spot we hold in the cosmos that takes us in. Our problems, our dreams, our mass, structure, tears, smiles, relationships- everything holds a minute fraction of what the world is. And aren’t we so absorbed in our own thoughts, imaginings and anguish that we forget of the major section of the universe that still lies there, right around us, with us, internally or externally waiting to be explored?

No, don’t think too much about this because I’ll ask you to rather take a few simple steps and peak into the beauty and fullness of the world. I do not want to associate an age with this or ask you to do it before you get married or anything; I just want you to consider it, take time out and embrace the fine parts of the good world. So, if you’re wondering what really would make those little differences and help you relish in your existence, just remember when I say: ‘Loosen up and explore.’

  1. Eat: because food really has everything that can let you savor and take pleasure in being able to exist. If you do not agree on this, I’d perhaps believe that you haven’t actually tried some of the most exotic and delicious foodstuff available all over. Make this a mission. Go out sometimes and eat to know how this world tastes. Try out cuisines, authentic restaurants and eateries. Go Spanish, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Persian, French, Thai and never stop! (Eating)



  2. Run: This one sure sounds exhausting and perhaps irrelevant but it helps particularly when it makes you sweat and you’re still panting and going on. Do it once in a while to make yourself realize that you have the strength to move on no matter how grueling your life gets. The topping on the cake is that it makes you feel fit, stronger and more independent. Sweat it out. You have the power.



  3. Travel: I will never ever underestimate the influence traveling can have on your life. I know the whole world has been talking about it and most of us are still just dreaming of doing it one day. Do it now. You know nothing binds you more than your mind does. Traveling opens up one’s perspective of life. It lets you break away from the repetitive subsistence and lets you absorb in places, events, cultures, humans and dreams. I know you have the money, the little time required and a reason to go travel. And you know that too. Don’t you?



  4. Love: Okay, we might end up disagreeing out here but close your eyes and learn by heart that love is one hell of an experience we all deserve to have in order to feel ‘complete’ on our deathbeds someday. You blend all the exhilaration, pleasure, happiness, pain, misery, hatred, fear, fulfillment, romance, annoyance, optimism and destruction together and what you discover is Love. I know it must be wretched. Ah! But, you know that it’s worth it.



  5. Talk: Yes. Talk. Don’t always confine yourself in a shell but feel free and released. Give words to your feelings. Let it out in one form or another but don’t hold on to your emotions, ideas and pain too much. Long and deep conversations have the supremacy of igniting a fire in us. Don’t let your existence be far away from the passion that living requires. We possess a voice, we know a language, we have people and what does all of it imply? TALK. (And when you’re at it, laugh out loud and cry like a baby. That makes it better) (:



I won’t call these the five mantras for a contented living because happiness varies from one person to another and then there is so much more I would like to add on to this list like Reading, Working towards your dreams and befriending your own self. However, to cut the long story short, I assert that of course these might not make you feel cheerful and delighted; yet they will help you sense the wholeness of your endurance. They will bring you closer to the essence held by life. Somewhere down the line, that’s where true bliss comes from.

Now, Go Eat.

Come on, Tell me what you think!

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