10 Sensible Tips for the Travel-Girl!

With the travel bug biting more and more people at such an unmanageable pace, it’s pretty important to be all set for just the next expedition. In her book, The Principles of Uncertainty, Maira Kalman said:

“My dream is to walk around the world. A smallish backpack, all essentials neatly in place. A camera. A notebook. A traveling paint set. A hat. Good shoes. A nice pleated (green?) skirt for the occasional seaside hotel afternoon dance.” 

Perhaps, every voyage needs to begin with a dream and a few ideas that can help you revel in the whole adventure. Of course we know that the best kind of journeys come unplanned, and yet, tell me, what if you don’t give emphasis to packing the little bits of necessities for your trip whose deficiency might lead to hours of distress and inconvenience?


Source: abcnews.go.com

Wait! Lighten up girls. Below is a practical list for all you ladies who are looking forward to some incessant bouts of travel. Read on, stick to the points and go fly!

  1. Footwear: I know this might not sound as significant to you and still I’d suggest you to always carry at least a pair of flipflops or slippers, a comfortable pair of shoes and nice sandals. See, all needs covered: long shopping strides, the ad hoc explorations and the dance parties.
  2. Outfits: I’d say this does depend on a bit of your research about the place and its weather. But, most of all, on common sense. Carry a good pair of jeans, a few nice t-shirts and blouses, a pair of shorts and a lovely dress besides whatever else you want to cram in. And always pack a light-weight jacket or stole. I remember how even Goa got so chilly on a mid-February night when I least expected the winds. Jacket, ladies!
  3. Medical Aid and tampons: The guys would never do that (unless they really are too careful and responsible). Take a small box or pouch and keep a few medicines handy: something for the occasional cold, fever, head ache and then a few band-aids. And I know you’re not expecting your periods during ‘this’ trip, but, carry your tampons.
  4. Inner Wear: We usually don’t think about these as much, do we? Buy a set of comfortable innerwear that goes well with most of your attire. Don’t regret not bringing a backless thingy for that dress you packed for a celebration. And if you’re too lazy to go shop and spend hours in the market, just have a look at this nice online store where I found some amazing and affordable stuff: Trishlaemart. You can probably check their inner and sleep-wear section here.
  5. A Smart-phone and the stuff that goes with it: Why I am asking you to carry a smart-phone is that it does solve a whole lot of problems. Lost your way? Click on maps. Looking for a restaurant? Go to Zomato. Not sure how much 3,00,000 IDR converts to INR? Check the currency converter. What next? A portable charger along with your regular phone charger; your earphones and some balance.
  6. Cosmetics: Who said you need to consider this point only if you’re a make-up freak? No. But, please always pick up a few things like a good sunscreen lotion, a deodorant, some shampoo pouches, a body wash and a lip balm for every small and big journey you’re going to undertake.
  7. The usually-avoided essentials: A water bottle for wherever you go. A pack of face wipes, paper soaps and tissues. A swimming costume because you might seriously need this out of the blue when you suddenly plan to go swimming in the hotel pool or wish to do a snorkel.
  8. Pack skillfully: If there’s one request I’d like to make, then this is it: Do not lug a lot of bags, and also, do not pack all your belongings in one huge suitcase. Try to be minimalistic when you’re stuffing your bags and usually try to keep one small purse or case handy for the most crucial things.
  9. Do a little bit of research: Read a few things about your intended destination. Do not make a stringent itinerary, nevertheless, sketch out parts of it so that you don’t waste hours thinking what next to do when you’ve reached. It always makes sense to be aware of the place that you’re traveling to.
  10. Be a smart traveler: Be vigilant, active and relaxed at the same time. Trust your instincts. If you’re doing a solo thing, be in touch with someone on a regular basis. Make friends and enjoy your expedition to the fullest. It’s your journey and I guess that’s what gives you the power to make it truly wonderful.

Have more points to add this list? The comments section is all yours.

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