36 Things I Have Learnt From Life

Growing up is a journey, a never-ending one. Yet, we learn something on every step of life. These things are like the revelations that existence kicks us with and those lessons that shape us, help us mature and give us an insight into the mystery of living. What I have learnt from life all these years may not be very different from what you have already learned or will eventually understand in the coming days, months or years. We all come to terms with the bitter-truths and the sweet-nothings of life. Below is a significant fraction of my set of learning:

  1. If you really want to do something, you can. There’s a reason they say: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”
  2. Every person is fighting a battle. Life is never easy for anyone. Any one at all.
  3. Do not judge people. Understand them. And if you can’t understand them, remember not to judge them.
  4. The people who love you the most will always be your parents.
  5. On an internal level, the phase of life when you have lesser amount of money always turns out to be more exciting and pleasing than the times when you have enough money to make most of your wishes come true.
  6. Hope is sweeter than the truth.
  7. If you want to keep up the emotional connection and love in a relationship, you have to make efforts.
  8. Men rarely prioritize love over their careers. Women rarely prioritize anything over true love.
  9. No one, believe me; no one can take the place of your mother.
  10. Don’t give up on your dreams. Sometimes, they come true. They really do. But, yes, you have to keep going, despite the prejudices, the problems, the aches.
  11. Pain is a beautiful thing. It makes you human.
  12. The most wonderful and the most excruciating emotion in the world is that of love. It knows how to enlighten your soul. It knows how to kill your spirit.
  13. Reading makes you a better person.
  14. Some people will always be more emotional than you are and some will always be colder. You can’t expect people to feel about situations like you do.
  15. The more you travel, the more you become receptive to the diversity, the splendor and the humanness of the world. Traveling gives you much more than anything ever can.
  16. There are very few people in the world who truly love you and respect you. Most of the others would smile when you see them and criticize you when you’re gone. Regardless of anything, hold on to the people who love you and give them the affection they deserve.
  17. You sense more sorrow because of the joy you’ve already experienced at some time. If you are crying today because you’re lonely, that’s because you’re missing a time when you weren’t. Be glad that the good days were a part of your life.
  18. You’ll always value the nights you spent talking to a close friend about random aspects of life than the ones you spent snoring in your bed.
  19. If you know how to cook, you’ve mastered one great art of life. You probably can live off on your own more easily and productively.
  20. Keeping your body in shape is directly proportional to having a more dynamic and fulfilling life. Exercise. Swim. Run. Breathe. Live.
  21. Food has the power to lift you up from depression. Good food, chocolates, ice cream and desserts can help you more than incessant thinking and crying can.
  22. Expectations always hurt. But, it’s not humanly possible to not expect anything from anyone at all. So, may be, just get hurt, over and over again and learn to expect lesser.
  23. Dancing makes you happy. Dancing with friends makes you happier.
  24. No matter how solid a boy-girl friendship may be; only a girl can understand another girl on the most essential levels.
  25. Sometimes you miss people more than you love them.
  26. No matter how far you go, you take yourself with you. Little things might alter when you move to a different city, country or continent. However, it’s tough to run away from your own thoughts because you’ll be who you are.
  27. At times, relationships change. People change. Their attitude and devotion towards you changes too. But, you have to let go. You don’t have a choice, do you? Also, I know it’s insanely difficult.
  28. If you’re feeling good from the inside, it shows on the outside too. Your skin glows on days you’re happier. I guess this one’s the best beauty remedy I know of.
  29. Looking at the sea waves for hours helps you feel calmer. Water does have those soothing properties.
  30. The way your parents have brought you up affects your personality in a major way.
  31. If something’s meant to happen, it will. Destiny exists.
  32. Afternoon naps account for some of the best quality sleep you’ve had in your lifetime.
  33. People who talk to themselves are not stupid. They’re more creative.
  34. You always need a little madness to cope up with this mad world.
  35. Life gets better when you have a bunch of friends who can make you laugh.
    And yes
  1. You never stop learning.

7 responses to “36 Things I Have Learnt From Life

  1. Very good observations. I would like to add a few:
    1. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
    2. Be ur first and last help.
    3. It’s relaxing to trust someone, but if they fail, they don’t have anything to lose but u might.
    4. Speak ur heart n mind or else no one will hear you.
    5. Befriend pets, friends for life. Give a stray a home.
    6. Best way to escape a problem is to solve it.
    7. Learn from other’s mistakes, u don’t have time to make one.
    8. When new people meet you, you tend to change; when people leave you, you improve your self.
    9. Never settle for less than what you deserve.
    10. Never feel hungry when you see someone eating I.e your actions must not be governed by others actions.
    11. Your relations with someone must not be dependent on 3rd person, you have full right of your choices.
    12. Choose your words carefully, else they may leave situations and relations Ugly.
    13. Sea make you forget every pain, at least momentarily, for other times you have work.
    14. You are not here to make anyone happy at cost of yours.
    15. Help everyone who asks for.
    16. Be proud of your choices. Never look back.
    17. Every person is a Moon, having a dark side, which he never shows to anyone.
    18. Never let your country with disgrace, if you do

  2. Well thought, well written.
    9 out of 10 😉

    Here are my views on some of the points:

    1. Yes, everything is achievable.
    2. To enable the validity of 1. above, we need to change this perception. There are no battles. There are no problems. There are just situations. We are the ones who define whether that situation, no matter howsoever unfavorable, is an opportunity or an obstacle.
    7. Agreed. However, sometimes, trust is enough. Rather than trying to maintain love in a relation, it is better to understand what love is. One can live a lifetime and yet never understand what it is.
    8. Over-generalizations are never good. You might want to say “most of the men”, and “most of the women”. There surely will be men in this world who will love more than a woman ever can, and surely be women who will do whatever they can to reach the highest in the ladder of the success.
    10. Yes, dreams do come true. Not just some of them, but all those which we never give up upon. When? — This might never be in our hands, though.
    14. Very true. This is a very important rule to keep in mind, if we want to be happy.
    16. Yes, there is no greater loss than to let go a person who love and trust us. Yet, we have to. Sometimes.
    17. Furthermore, try to learn to be passive yet alive to the situations, both good or bad.
    There is no sorrow where there was no “excitement”. A peaceful happiness is difficult to achieve and thankfully, difficult to lose.
    19. Or get rich to eat exquisite dishes made by others, as well as get a friend who can cook such exquisite dishes for you for free. 😛
    20. Don’t run on the roads if you are fat* (use ellipticals in a gym).
    21. Add lots of fruits to this list. Some make our body release quite a good number of good hormones.
    23. Singing makes me happy. It makes my friends want to kill me. That makes me happier. 😛
    24. Over-generalizations, again.
    No matter how solid a boy-girl friendship may be; only a boy can understand another boy on the most logical levels.
    — Over-generalizations, again.
    25. Deep and true. Sometimes its our ego against the fate.
    26. Yes, we are us always. Yet we lose a part of us in the past, every second. Yet there is always something new coming to us from the future, every second.
    27. Even a lifetime won’t make anyone wise enough to comment on this.
    33. High-five 😉
    36. Thanks for all the teachings through these 36 points.

    Warm regards,

  3. I agree on most of the points except the 2 contradicting one (20, 21) and of course 24th one as a boy can even understand other person (irrespective of its a boy or a girl) on most essential levels 🙂

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