A Small Break…

I wanted to be more reflective while writing this post. Perhaps I needed to write about certain things, share stuff with all of you and talk. However, I am running short of time. I have been pretty occupied the past week with just everything that right now I am not even sure whether all of that deserved too much of my time or too much of me. I won’t bug you with the details for now. I am writing this post only to let you all know that I’ll be away for some time. I am going on a vacation with my family to Singapore and Malaysia. I am delighted only because I’d get to meet everybody after a long time and also because I needed to get away from everything around for a few days.

It’s going to be my first trip to a foreign country and there’s a lot planned up for the coming days. I won’t be able to access my blog, read or write. Okay let’s see what I am actually looking forward to. Here’s the list:

  1. Trying out different cuisines at some of the best Asian restaurants. (See, food always tops the charts).
  2. Spending the most amazing time with my family (We are a group of fifteen people going for the trip).
  3. I am particularly excited about our stay on the cruise for a few days. I am a first-timer here again.
  4. Spending more than ten days away from the world where I exist. Okay, it’s not tough to grasp, right?
  5. Forgetting about my cell phone for most of the time.
  6. Shopping 😉
  7. No office. No cooking. No washing clothes. No cleaning stuff. No aloofness. No meticulous responsibilities.
  8. I am also looking forward to the day I’ll come back to this life (I mean my present world) and my friends would say they missed me 😛 I wish they do say that haha.
  9. Meeting new people. I love this specifically.
  10. Fun. Happiness. A refreshing change.

I’ll write about it once I come back. I hope I experience numerous wonderful things and it turns out to be a fulfilling and relaxing vacation.

If you have been to Singapore or Malaysia and you’ve got ideas about the places I should visit, then do share it here. Tell me about your experiences. That would be great. I am really exhausted now. Have a good day you all.

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2 responses to “A Small Break…

  1. Have fun on your trip! Sometimes forced relaxation (or a forced getaway from every day society) is necessary for us to really get back into our daily routines.

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