About Crisis!

It has been seven days since I came back to my customary life after the break I was on. All these days I had lost touch with writing. It has been more than three weeks since the last time I wrote something, be it a letter, an email, a poem, a story, an article or a blog post. As usual, I wanted a nice little comeback and talk to you about my vacation and more importantly about other stuff going on all over the world. I kept delaying the writing process in the meanwhile and I just realized that the more I do that, the farther I would get from writing. You would understand if you’ve experienced writer’s block. In my case, whenever I am going through this ‘blocked’ phase, I try to read a lot. Reading helps a writer way too much. So, once I was back and bitten by the writer’s block, I started reading – ‘The Things They Carried’ by Tim O’Brien. I found the book pretty insightful and wonderfully written in the way the writer puts forth a number of war stories. Alas, the book did not stir me enough to essentially write a bit. So, you know how I have been putting it off.

While I was away and perhaps unaware of the crisis happening in the world; something huge ensued here in India: Some parts of the country were struck with heavy rainfall and floods. Consequently, tens of thousands of people are still striving to rebuild their lives after the deluge. More than 1000 people lost their lives and about 3000 are still missing. I’d be honest when I say that I hadn’t thought about the whole catastrophe so deeply until now. I didn’t get enough time to read a lot about it or to reflect on the agony of millions of people whose lives have been affected intensely as a result of this calamity. You know, these are some of those things that make me feel humiliated when I allege that I am going through a crisis in my life. Holy shit!


I might come back to this subject of the floods in India in days to come, though I won’t make a promise here, but the little stories I read about the thousands of villages that have been swept away and people who have lost every thing they had shuddered me. I read about men and women who have lost their families, their houses, their belongings: vehicles, clothes, shoes, jewellery, money, furniture, spirit, hope and faith. Yes, all of it rather disappeared without realization. Lost. Completely. That’s real crisis.

Sincerely, I am not quite sure about the note at which I should end this post. When I look back at all these days, what I can see in front of my eyes is a real blend of beautiful memories of hundreds of instances that were a part of my vacation. I can recollect the roller coaster rides, the adventure, the animals, the food, the people, the beaches, the resorts, the games, the streets, the cruise, the beauty of it all and more than ever: the togetherness. It overwhelms me. However, I can also see the millions of lives that got devastated and it hurts me. I pray for them because that’s all I can do right now. I wish God’s kind and showers them with bliss in the right amounts at the right places.

Signing off for now,

Keep Reading,


2 responses to “About Crisis!

  1. Sorry to hear about the block. I’m trying to emerge from one as well. You’re absolutely right about reading during these times. It totally helps!

  2. Thanks for visiting and commenting.
    I haven’t emerged from the block yet and that does make me feel bad. I am on my way to discovering those intricacies of life that should matter to me…it’s all complicated but I hope I come out a winner.

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