Need Some Help! Seriously!


Presently, if you ask me how I feel, I’d say I feel drowsy. I have a number of things on hand right now and my mind rarely gets those moments of peace and contemplation to drive me to do an inclusive research on a critical subject and write about it. You might as well call this an excuse, other than, it’s not entirely one (partly it is). I don’t know if the right person is reading this post or not, but, there’s a small help I need from anyone who likes what and how I write. In fact, you can help me out even if you don’t particularly enjoy my writing but would like to give me a chance to hone my skills and also take words a little more seriously. I am looking out for opportunities to ‘write’. I would love to write blog-posts for some NGOs and cover their consistent ideas and chores. You can even consider me to write articles or editorials for any newspaper, magazine or blog on any subject matter. If you own a small business or a website and you’re looking for a content writer, I’d be glad to help you with it. So, all in all, if you want anybody to just ‘write’ for any damn thing, you must really send me a mail.

I don’t know if this was like some somber request on my part or not but I need some practical experience in the field. What more? Yeah, I forgot to mention, I might as well do it for free if you give me just the right thing I’m looking for. Additionally, please give me suggestions for the issues which I can mull over while writing posts for this blog.

I’ll write something good soon, hopefully. If you know any Women organizations or groups dealing with Women’s conditions in the Middle East, tell them, I love reading and writing about the same. Oh, come on, you really should help me now! It truly does matter to me!

Contact me on my personal Email Id: for any such correspondence.

P.S: I promise you an icecream if you do what I just said 😉

2 responses to “Need Some Help! Seriously!

  1. Thanks…I am more than serious about it right now because I wish to apply for a Masters in certain universities especially in the field of print journalism. I need great letters of recommendation and a good experience. If you have got any idea about how can I go about things, do help me 🙂

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