I know I should feel a little guilty for writing here after ages. It does seem like ages, trust me. I also realize that none of you is concerned about the reasons of my negligence and yet I’d name a few of them just to make myself feel better.
Okay, the actual thing is that I normally don’t get enough time to write. I might sound hypocritical here because I have always felt that you can do no matter what only if you’re passionate about it. So, writing doesn’t need ‘time’, it needs zeal, a passion, a desire. But, along with all of that, it also requires peace. I guess ‘peace’ is something you experience when you’re relaxed and I am not too much of that these days. I am on the go, all the time. Sometimes I wonder how it would be if I quit this job and take to ‘writing’ full time. I am somewhat apprehensive about this move because I am not sure about the remuneration I might earn from just ‘writing’ and at the end of the day: Money is important. (I don’t plan to be a millionaire. I just want a good life).
Also, I have issues with prioritizing work. I am always encumbered with something or the other. There’s work at office, work at home, Facebook obligations, talking to friends, going out, sleeping, entertaining Mom and my brother (on the phone) and my friends (in any way possible), writing for a few websites, meeting people, day-dreaming, falling sick, crying, laughing, singing, listening to music, buying books (and rarely getting the time to read), taking rest and yes, being with friends (didn’t I say it before?). God! Can you tell me what’s to be done when and how?

I don’t have a lot of stories to tell you right now. I have been meaning to write out another ‘edition’ of the 50 things about me. I know you’re least interested but then that would make it a total of ‘100 Things About Me’ and damn, won’t that be cool? I’ll write it soon (let’s see how long this soon turns out to be)
In the meanwhile, you can like this post to make me feel that you want me to write. Come on, I am sure you need to read, so much more. Let this place exist. If you would like to write something for my blog, you’re more than welcome. I am waiting!

And please visit this blog: http://www.vallinor.com. It’s one website that’s going to keep you hooked for a long time (and it has got some amazingly beautiful writing)

P.S: I wrote this post about three days back and finally I am getting the little time required to publish it. Phew!

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