A Treat for Readers!

Good Afternoon friends,

Today again I have something really fascinating for all you book-lovers! Now, there are so many times when we want the right stuff to read along with straightforward opinions of people who have already read the books. And yes that brings us to places where we can find good book reviews. But, how often is it possible to trust those reviews? Then, there are times when we want to know about certain books or about novels of a particular genre. So, finally this is all about ‘the expertise on books’.

There is one such site which is my personal favourite because of the extensive analysis and regular updates on the books read by the blog’s author. This blog called Arukiyomi focusses on popularizing the concept of ‘Walking and Reading’. If you love books, you are going to love this blog which was started by John in 2007.  The author habitually adds reviews of as many books as he reads and he has his own ‘To Be Read’ – TBR list of books and a lot more. It can keep you engaged for hours.

Don’t wait and think. Just jump in here:


Come on, Tell me what you think!

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