A Part of the Indian Political Tale!

As I begin with this write-up, I would like to mention certain things. Firstly, this is with reference to India and its political scenario. Therefore, if you are not an Indian and do not follow its politics, this might be a little intricate for you to comprehend. Secondly, here, I do not support or condemn any political party or any of their moves; however, I would like to present you with an article published in The Daily Beast which highlights the claims made by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi against the Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Earlier this month, Modi allegedly asserted that about 1880 Crore (18.8 billion) rupees of public money had been spent on Sonia Gandhi’s foreign trips during a three-year period. The Central Information Commissioner had also denied such reports on Mrs Gandhi’s foreign travel expenses but Modi continuously scrapes up the issue. It’s also said that he has been doing this to strengthen his position(and that of his party: The BJP)  in the upcoming Gujarat Elections by diverting the public attention towards the misdeeds of the Congress.


This article written by Dilip D’Souza talks about the absurd case against Sonia Gandhi and brings into attention similar tales of other ministers. It also argues about the controversies against Gandhi in the past few years owing to her being an Italian by origin. If you want to read more, click the link below. It’s a good read.


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One response to “A Part of the Indian Political Tale!

  1. 99.99% of Indian politicians are stained. A few rare good names are like A B Vajpayi, APJ A K Azad. We need to re-write Indian Constitution 😉

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