Do You Want The Right To Die?

Numerous stories on the internet or the newspapers and television have compelled me to think about having this one right: ‘The Right to Die.’ Wait, it doesn’t sound quite correct and morally upright; yet when I think of it from the perspective of a person who has got nothing really to live for: no healthiness, no anticipation, no family, no dreams, and no smiles; I am bound to arrive at a different conclusion. We all believe in our fundamental privilege i.e. the Right to Live; however, do we think about the possibility of being at liberty to take decisions for the moment when we would want to die. Suicide is legally not acceptable and any person who attempts it is entitled to punishment by law. This clearly explains why several groups have been challenging and opposing the law to allow them to put an end to their life in case of a few dreadful circumstances.



The link that I am posting here, is that of ‘Robinince’s Blog’ where he has posted an article concerning a person’s right to die. This post was Freshly Pressed about a few weeks back and I really appreciate and like it for the manner in which the subject matter has been handled. By the end, it will definitely make you wish to consider the issue and take your stance.

Read it here:

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