A Friend’s Wedding!

Hello friends. I have been away for a while and it might take me a few days to get back to my real form. I was out for a close friend’s wedding and the last four days were the kind of days when you are so ‘out-of-the-world’. I did not have access to the newspapers, the internet or television and so when I was informed about the US Hurricane, I was shocked and disappointed. I signed in my blog today after a vast period of four and a half days; precisely a hundred and eight hours and I missed so much. I realized this when I saw my ‘Reader’ and the ‘Freshly Pressed’ pages. It also made me think about stuff that I gained in the last few days. One word that came to my mind was- ‘Childhood’. I have spent a huge part of my childhood with this friend of mine who got married. His sister has been my best friend since forever and these days were filled with nostalgia. We were involved in reviving our childhood, those special games we played, the things we planned, the picnics we attended, the ideas we had, the fights, the smiles, the tears, the fun. The marriage crammed me up with ‘mixed feelings’. I was truly blissful for him and for the fact that the day had come; this day which was always a part of out imaginations when we were kids especially because the groom is two years older to us. I was also sad because that realization of loss struck me. With him getting married, I knew that eventually we all would, one by one and at a fast pace. Accordingly, we have lost that childhood because we have stepped into this world of weddings and responsibilities. Mixed Feelings.

Moving forward, I would like to suggest all of you to attend at least one Indian wedding. The ceremonies, celebrations, the dance, food, the getting together of extended families and friends makes it all the more magnificent. The wedding I attended comprised of eight events over a spread of three days and it included: Sangeet (A Dance and Music ceremony), Mehndi, The Thread ceremony, The Ring Ceremony (which was definitely a lavish affair), The Morning Devotional Ceremony, The Baaraat (Which is somehow the best and the most interesting part of an Indian wedding), Lawaa (Which is the actual wedding that takes place in Sikh families in a Gurudwara where the bride and groom perform certain rituals and a priest blesses them) and finally the Reception.


It sure was delightful and I enjoyed it a lot except that I fell ill and had to end up eating curd, rice, fruits and vegetable salads when I had the most amazing food right in front of me all the time. Sad days come without a warning. I am still pretty unwell which might take me some time to give you the best of stuff to read at Read Stuff With Me. However, I request you all to keep reading, if not here then anywhere because that’s what our ‘lifeline’ is. I will update you with good articles to read and also give you a number of remarkable writing-pieces shortly. Be with me and leave a comment if you need to know more about Indian weddings or any other cultural aspect of the country.

4 responses to “A Friend’s Wedding!

  1. Wow. I like weddings and would like to witness ceremonies from different countries. The photos prove you have a very rich culture 🙂

  2. India does have a rich and beautiful culture. People from different countries love it. Many a people know only about the bad side of India but the country has beautiful traditions, values and a magnanimous culture.

  3. Yeah mixed feeling is probably that emotion you sense when you are happy and sad at the same time. That happens so often…when I cannot decide whether what is happening is good enough to cheer me up or bad enough to upset me!

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