50 Things About Me (That You Might Not Know)!

  1. I have this habit of looking up at the sky and talking to God whenever I feel the need. I usually sort of blink at him.
  2. I get deeply attached to people and this connection doesn’t tend to wither away too easily with time or distance. It stays for long.
  3. I have developed a new found obsession with loose-fitting colorful t-shirts, generally the ones with nice graphic prints. No dresses, gowns, skirts, shirts or blouses can make me feel the way these t-shirts do.
  4. I like being around books. I feel pretty comfortable and pleasant when I am in a library or at bookstores. It’s soothing.
  5. I didn’t play with dolls or soft-toys too much when I was small. I don’t have fond memories of even a single plaything I might have had. Probably I was never into toys a lot.
  6. I love watching cartoons. I started watching more of them when I was ten or something and the love never ended. Presently, I don’t get to watch a lot of them but I enjoy Shin-Chan way too much.
  7. I hated my brother as a kid because of two reasons. One, he was dark (and I know I was daft to even think like that). Two, my parents got more involved with him and sort of neglected me.
  8. Now, I love my brother very much and I would probably do anything for him. Alas, he is too busy to acknowledge it. This reminds me of the saying- ‘As you sow, so shall you reap.’ 😉
  9. I love the color blue.
  10. I do not enjoy cleaning the house, particularly the furniture and all. I would rather do all the cooking. I am seriously not a cleanliness freak (a little opposite may be).
  11. But, that doesn’t mean I am not hygienic and all. Haha. I would never ever spend even a single day without taking a good bath.
  12. I recently finished reading ‘Catcher in the Rye’ by J.D Salinger and loved it. Started reading ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ today and it’s making me smile a lot.
  13. I dread my periods usually because they make me terribly sick and life sort of stops for those 2-3 days.
  14. I am a very liberal and flexible person. I do not shy away from discussing an issue or subject, howsoever inviolable it may be, with people.
  15. Some of my friends think I have psychological problems. Really.
  16. Weird as it may sound, I keep anticipating death. But, wait; that doesn’t mean I want to die. I am confused.
  17. I love the poem ‘Don’t Quit’ by Edgar A. Guest and I have stuck it on my office desk. It inspires me powerfully.
  18. I really like reading quotes about life and love and friendship and everything. I can spend hours on Goodreads just reading the quotes and smiling and telling myself- ‘That’s so true’ 😉
  19. I talk to myself. I am insane. I am always talking to myself.
  20. Internally I am a very insecure person especially when it comes to relationships.
  21. I don’t forget things easily. I remember even minute details of things that might have happened years ago.
  22. I like the word ‘random’.
  23. Typically feminine girls do not tend to like me or my ideologies. Majority of the boys I know truly respect me. I am okay with both 🙂
  24. I have always hated my birthdays. I feel they are jinxed.
  25. I don’t know how to paint my nails.
  26. I have another blog where I use a pen name because I feel the need of sharing my life with people anonymously.
  27. I was really annoying as a kid. My uncles and aunts didn’t like holding me in their arms because I cried too much. The only person who could handle me then was my Dad.
  28. I am incredibly expressive. In fact I have got ‘exaggerating’ and rapidly varying facial expressions. Thus, if I am just a little low, my face would reflect it instantly. Even if I am slightly happy, the people who look at me would feel as if I am very happy. It gets real tough to act because of this.
  29. I sometimes dream of becoming a traveler who could take a voyage to different parts of the world, eat different kinds of food, meet people and live a diverse and content life. Alas, I know this cannot materialize.
  30. Recently, one day I looked at the goldfish in my house by chance and realized that I hadn’t eaten fish in a long time. It died the very next day. Should I be guilty?
  31. Writing is the only thing that has ever made sense in my life.
  32. I detest cockroaches. I just can’t stand them. Lizards are still tolerable.
  33. I don’t like my feet.
  34. I have always loved the idea of falling in love. You’re missing out on life’s biggest adventure if you haven’t experienced love yet.
  35. I wasn’t too proud of my parents as a child because they didn’t know English. I know I suck.
  36. Most of my life’s lessons have been taught to me by either my Mom or books.
  37. As a kid, when people asked me about the best place on earth, I often replied- ‘School’.
  38. I loved filling slam books when I was in school. Sometimes, I would fill my own slam book two to three times with dissimilar sort of responses because I just enjoyed it too much.
  39. I have a very strong and swift imagination. So, if you tell me that you’re having a burger, I would instantly form an image of you having a burger in my head, sometimes even before you finish your sentence. I just can’t help it.
  40. I am obsessed with the idea of having different kind of haircuts. I want unusual and amazing new looks each time. Alas! I usually end up having the same style (the hairdressers do that always).
  41. I do not enjoy shopping as much as other girls do. After a point, it tires me out.
  42. Secretly, I wish I have two daughters when I get married and all.
  43. I am relatively emotional. Little things can make me happy or sad.
  44. The one comment I have listened to the maximum number of times till date is: ‘You’re really sweet.’
  45. I do not like watching TV a lot.
  46. I love playing Scrabble but I rarely get company.
  47. I love giving gifts more than I love getting them.
  48. I treat my two best friends like they are my sons. They even call me Mom every so often.
  49. I started compiling this list because I had a severe headache and I needed to distract my mind. The plan succeeded.
  50. I always want to make people smile. Always. Do that please (I mean if you had the courage to read this list till the end) 🙂

10 responses to “50 Things About Me (That You Might Not Know)!

  1. Yikes,this is creepy.Some of the things you mentioned are common for me too.Especially the whole birthday scenario…I have even written a post about it. #48 had me laughing. Great list.

    • Yes I will…in times to come…I want you to do one thing here for me…go through this list again and tell me how many of them you didn’t already know keeping in mind the fact that you know most of the stuff about me…I want to see if I passed on some new information to you 😉

  2. This is my first time here, and probably the last time commenting ( I usually shy away from working my fingers too hard), but it’s astounding how many of your points can be said even about me. In fact, if I show this to my friends, they’ll think I wrote it myself.

  3. We love books too…. We haven’t even gotten to e-readers because we love the feeling of turning an actual page (we were born in the early 80s and feel very old school by not keeping up with technology) – who cares! Books rock and we figured we will follow you because we love reading and sometimes feel like we don’t have the time for it. But if we read stuff with you, at least we are reading other stuff and not just our books 🙂
    Okay, enough rambling!! Lovely to meet you.

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