Something Random!

I have been a little sick lately; you know all that habitual cold and cough and fever stuff. My immunity against diseases has really lessened in the past few months owing to which I keep falling sick so frequently. Today, I am a hell lot better than the last three days and yet I do not know what needs to be written. So, what I thought was I would start writing, anything at all, randomly and see how my words take their own direction leading to a full-fletched post. Yes, I am on the way to doing just that.

The other day I had this realization about life. I was reading a book (‘Tuesdays with Morrie’) which revolved around ‘Lessons of Life’ and there were two ruminations in the book that deeply affected me. The first one said:

Love each other or perish.’

It talked profoundly about the essence of the strongest emotion that delves in this world; that of Love. I know how pitiable and disillusioned life would get without the charisma of love; that love which is present amongst families, friends, couples and at times even between strangers; that slight sensation that makes you want to do something for someone just to bring about a little smile on their faces. Love exists in its totality to make life exist wholly. Love each other or perish.

The second thought said:

‘The truth is, once you learn how to die, you learn how to live.’

All of us know that already. We know that old saying about living life as if today was the last day on earth. However, we do not tend to ‘implement’ it completely because in some way or the other, we all take life for granted. We are so sure deep in our hearts that we would live on. Today cannot be our ‘last’ day of living. This belief, howsoever good or bad it may be, strays us from that impulse to live a life in every moment. Yesterday I saw a dream about ‘moving ahead’ in life, leaving this city and my friends, this office, this togetherness to move on to getting married and settling down somewhere, away from a huge lot of people I love. I felt so pathetic and miserable to sense that things would change greatly, sometime soon. Marriage tends to alter situations and at times even your priorities. I can’t expect to have the same sleepovers and night-outs with my friends(who are almost all guys) with a kid or two in my lap. I can’t expect to do the craziest of stuff with the craziest of people because I’d have a crazy husband to take care of (Not that he would be against being crazy with me, but I’d have to somehow distance myself from my friends to spend more time with him). Also, that doesn’t mean I would regret getting married and all. I know that would be as beautiful and wonderful an experience. Yet, the loss of one’s ‘single-womanship’ and that bachelorette phase in itself made me want to spend every tiny second intensely, truly, doing the most incredible ‘friends’ stuff so that I know I didn’t miss out on ‘life’.

Wait, is this how it should be with death? Our being can come to a halt at just any moment and I must ‘become conscious’ of that and do all those things that I adjourn for another day. What if I die and on my path to hell (or heaven) I am filled with remorse for having not  really ‘lived’.  So, I am supposed to concentrate on certain things that I need to accomplish before I die, right?

Hence, here comes my ‘shortest-bucket-list’ for life:

  1. Write a book.
  2. Adopt a girl child
  3. Visit Paris
  4. Get heavily drunk to that point where …I don’t know what point, actually!
  5. Read as many books as possible from the ‘1001 books to read before you die.’
  6. Visit a strip club (and run out from there because I know I’d be embarrassed)
  7. Go to at least one country in the Middle East and observe their culture first-hand.
  8. Apologize to every person I might have hurt in this course of life (and I am going to start that, today)
  9. Lose my virginity (Haha, now that was too candid! )
  10. Do every possible thing to make people happy; people I know or the people I don’t. Spread a lot of love around and finish off this imprudent post! (yes, you got lucky, finally) 😉


14 responses to “Something Random!

    • Thanks for reading this and commenting as well…I probably have so much more to add to my bucket list but I’d have to figure out the most important stuff after the ten posted above !!! Thanks for your wishes, good luck to you too !

    • I am feeling so much better already. I hope another ‘sickness’ doesn’t come around soon. Right now, I feel so fit 🙂
      Thank you for commenting. My friends thought I shouldn’t have been too ‘open’ about things on this blog but I love being super-honest haha!!!

  1. I hope you never die because you are an excellent writer! Just so you know you brought a smile to my face and yes go visit Middle East and adopt a girl from there!!!!!

  2. Random Reader,
    Thank you so much for your kind words. You brought a smile on my face too. Also, I must tell you I loved the idea about adopting a girl child from the Middle East.
    Moving forward, I don’t know about the ‘excellent writer’ thing. I’d say I have my good days and my bad days when it comes to writing (and currently the bad-day phase is more prevalent) but I am just glad that people like you still stop by, talk to me and inspire me to go on! Thanks!

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